Fear & Vulnerability: My Pansexual Story published with Loose Lips Magazine

A personal narrative discussing my own experience with my sexual identification, discovering Pansexuality, and my own struggles with exploring what that means for me.

I began to notice in pushing my pansexuality to the side I wasn’t honouring part of who I am. I wasn’t allowing myself to be whole. I prevented myself from being deeply seen by those around me. In doing this I closed myself off from real connections and communities that would not only accept me but love me.

How I Used Fear To Start Working Remotely & Move Forward published with Remote Mission

A personal narrative around my journey to start working remotely, the fear around going after your dreams, and ways to work beyond that fear to create a life you love.

In the past I was always someone who dreamt big but believed my dreams were unattainable. It was through truly getting to know myself, practicing self love, and leaving my comfort zone consistently that I realized that I was completely capable of handling whatever came my way.

Aromatherapy Rituals: Using Scent To Trigger Relaxation published with ArriveWell

An article discussing the ways in which scent is so closely related to our memories and feelings. It’s a how-to piece on how to cultivate scent as a part of your self-care routine.

It was from learning about how a scent is so closely connected to memory that I started to play around with its influence in my own life, and eventually learned how to use it to benefit my health.

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