Wildlife Photography

By Caitlin Callaghan

Capturing pictures of wildlife has been something that naturally started as I did my travel and nature photography. Animals and the protection of them has always been something I am deeply passionate about. I always feel blessed and honoured when an animal is patient with me and gives me moments to take photographs of it. Wildlife photography for me is more of a hobby then something I pursue. If the opportunity arises I take it. While this may grow in the future, for now it is a happy addition to my photographic outings.

It’s important photographers always photograph wildlife responsibly and give them space. Habituation can happen when humans continue to harass wildlife. I follow safe practices when taking photographs of these animals. Even if you see a photograph that looks close up, it is an affect of the focal length of my lens, making me appear closer than I am, I am in a situation where the animal is in rehabilitation, or they are already habituated and come to humans (such as grey jays at hiking viewpoints). If you’re unsure about these practices, seek out educational materials on it.

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