Travel Photography

By Caitlin Callaghan

I’ve always been a vagabond at heart. I don’t like to stay somewhere too long and if I do stay longer, I am always craving adventure and getting to have new experiences. I’ve been privileged to see some beautiful cities and countries but there are still so many places in the world that I want to see and experience. I will never have enough time to venture to all the lovely places on my list and those I have yet to learn about. But I will continue to seek out the beauty of this planet. When possible, I like to slow down and immerse myself in the culture, meeting amazing people along the way. Different projects have led me to different places and I hope to continue to seek out stories around the globe and to share these beautiful places, people, and the stories they hold.

Protecting the environment, reducing climate change as well as reducing my impact is deeply important to me. For that reason, I try to offset my impacts from travel whenever and wherever possible. If I can’t offset it in immediate ways, I always look to give back what I can to the places I visit and use my nature photography for conservation and furthering protection of the environment. Listening the wishes of the Indigenous people who’s lands I am on is of the upmost importance to me. If I am visiting scared spaces, I do so with reverence and permission and I avoid places where the locals have asked tourists to stop coming. It’s important that photographers respect the land they are on and the people who protect it.

In 2018 a huge portion of my photography was lost due to a backup hard drive failure, which included a year worth of travel photography. Pictures are being added as they’re found in alternative back up methods.

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