Season 1, Episode 4 of Living As The Light You Are with Denise Cunningham – Navigating The World Today as a Highly Sensitive Person, Introvert, and Empath! with Caitlin Mellor

An interview discussing what it is like in the world today and ways in which I navigate it while being a highly sensitive person, introvert, and empath.

*Please note that while I use to identify with being a HSP, I since learned that HSP is an ableist way to avoid acknowledging being Autistic. I’ve since learned the criteria the author created was based off their Autistic family member(s). Learning I was Autistic as an adult changed my life and I now resent that the HSP label delayed me from discovering my Autism.

If you’re someone who identifies with the HSP label, I encourage you to read this article, to learn from Autistic people about their lived experiences to see if you relate, and to do online tests.

Avoiding Microplastics and Making The Best Choices for Yourself and the Earth with Caitlin Mellor – Interview with Get Dirty With Me

An interview discussing my personal work with beach clean ups, reducing plastic pollution, post secondary public speaking, and more!

Adriatic Sea, Croatia – Caitlin Mellor – Watermark Project

Collecting, archiving, and sharing your water stories to show why the ocean is worth protecting.

Mindfulness Connections: An Interview with Caitlin Mellor

This website is unfortunately no longer up.

Small Steps, Big Life Interview with Nathan Aswell

An interview with by Nathan Aswell on his show Small Steps, Big Life, a show about sharing people who are living big juicy lives and how they got there one step at a time. This interview is about the Worth A Thousand Words Art Show collaboration between Denise Cunningham and Caitlin Mellor.

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Extra Interviews

Ocean Deep Podcast Interview with Caitlin Mellor

Unfortunately the podcast Ocean Deep never launched, so this episode never aired. It was talking about my personal connection to the ocean and how it has helped me to heal in my life. As well as the profound way it has impacted my life and led to my work to help protect the ocean/planet.

Interviewed at the MEC Summit around thoughts of 3 new documentary releases around love, dedication, and passion for the outdoors. I have never seen this interview published.

A video was published from this Summit on diversity in advertising & inclusion of BIPOC folks in outdoor spaces. Caitlin is featured in multiple takes in the video along with fellow participants from this Summit. This is a message Caitlin is proud to have been a part of, even indirectly.