Season 1, Episode 4 of Living As The Light You Are with Denise Cunningham – Navigating The World Today as a Highly Sensitive Person, Introvert, and Empath! with Caitlin Mellor

An interview discussing what it is like in the world today and ways in which I navigate it while being a highly sensitive person, introvert, and empath.

Avoiding Microplastics and Making The Best Choices for Yourself and the Earth with Caitlin Mellor – Interview with Get Dirty With Me

An interview discussing my personal work with beach clean ups, reducing plastic pollution, post secondary public speaking, and more!

Adriatic Sea, Croatia – Caitlin Mellor – Watermark Project

Collecting, archiving, and sharing your water stories to show why the ocean is worth protecting.

Mindfulness Connections: An Interview with Caitlin Mellor

This website is no longer up. You can read the draft interview here:

1. How long have you been practicing yoga?
I’ve been practicing yoga for 6 years. It seems like such a short time when written down but in that time it has revolutionized my life. I had tried it a few times here and there when I was younger but they were your standard classes without any sort of self care or spirituality integrated into the teaching. It wasn’t until my best friend at the time asked me to do a class at the studio she worked at where I experienced classes unlike anything I had done before. It opened my eyes to what yoga could truly be and the changes it can create. The first class at that studio changed my life and I haven’t stopped practicing since. I’ve had some really cool experiences within the 6 years of practice including doing the highest yoga in the world on the 68th floor of the Shard in London (from which the rate actually pays to plant 10 trees) to doing yoga with fellow young adults with chronic disease beside a lake while live acoustic music was being played by a local musician.

2. How was your life before yoga?
My life before yoga was stressful and full of rage. I had a lot of pent up anger from childhood trauma, abuse, and gas lighting. I had a lot of self hate from constantly being told I wasn’t good enough or was “too much” of something. I would self sabotage, I always needed validation from others, and I never really knew what “peaceful” or “relaxed” felt like. I was always on guard for the next hurt or bad thing in my life. I actually called myself “walking bad luck”. I accepted abusive and manipulative people into my life because I didn’t believe I deserved more (not realizing I was doing this). I really had no idea how to listen to my body or even that controlling your mind and thoughts was something that was possible. I let life lead me and happen to me instead of directing my own life. I practiced self harming in various ways in my fitness and health routines (such as exercising so hard I would puke or pass out, or starving myself, etc.) because I was trying to follow societies ideals of beautiful being synonymous with being skinny. I struggled through multiple eating disorders, depression, and high anxiety.

3. How has yoga helped with your overall wellbeing? What stands out most?
Yoga changed my life entirely. It played the biggest role in transforming who I was from a scared girl terrified of being herself and who let the world walk all over her to a woman who is open and authentic to who she is and never settles for less than she deserves. Yoga woke me up to the possibility of being in control of your health, happiness, and mind. And it more importantly taught me that the most important relationship you’ll ever have, the biggest love of your life, is yourself. I stopped being who everyone else wanted me to be and asked myself who I truly was, what I wanted from life, and how could I treat myself with the upmost care and respect. I started actually paying attention to my body and my mind. Yoga didn’t just help my physical strength and relaxation but it more powerfully helped change my mental health. By learning how to integrate mantras and meditation into my practice I learned the famous Buddha saying of “rule your mind or it will rule you”. I learned that how I was treating myself was harmful, how others were treating me was unacceptable, and that despite looking great I was not healthy mentally or physically. I sought professional help and continued practicing self love with yoga and mediation. Through this I stopped my self harming practices, started actively practicing self love and sought out better for myself than what I had settled for. So I started to learn more about how to create better health from taking courses on nutrition and training to attending as many health seminars, webinars, and talking to as many experts in multiple fields as possible. For me what stands out the most is my transition is my switch from self hate to self love. It was gradual and took work but it changed all areas of my life and ultimately changed who I was. I was no longer that same girl who was always looking to others for love and acceptance, instead I chose to love and accept myself. Whenever I feel lost I always go back to yoga and it helps me find myself again.

4. What inspired you to pursue your yoga teaching certification? What do you hope to accomplish with it?
I wanted to get my yoga teaching certification because I want to help others find connection with their bodies and minds. I’ve wanted to get my certification for a long time – watching different opportunities in different countries and different styles. It always tempted me because it would allow me to not only help others while doing something I am passionate about but to continue to travel the world knowing I could work and make a positive impact anywhere. But I also want to offer classes online for people like me who love to always be moving and may not have the option to go to a studio but feel they want a guided practice at home. I know how life changing yoga can be and I would love to contribute to that positive and self loving/accepting atmosphere for others in any way possible. It created such a dramatic impact on me and helped me achieve better health and wellness in all aspects and I know I can help others find or continue that. By teaching yoga I want to help to give others a space where they can give themselves self love, where they can be forgiving, where they can reconnect with their bodies and mind, and where they can truly feel in tune with themselves again. If I can help at least one person it will all be worth it.

5. Favorite pose and why?
I have two poses that are the yin and yang to my practice. Where one lets me rest and revitalize the other gets the blood pumping and helps me to feel strong and powerful. My favourite yin posture is Sleeping Pigeon (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana), my favourite yang pose is Standing Bow Pose (Dandayamana Dhanurasana). But I very much believe that in each practice, where ever your mind and body is at, you will enjoy certain asanas better than others. So there are some practices where my favourites can be different! That is what I love about yoga – every practice is different both from the teaching and from your state of being, it always offers a new experience and learning.

Small Steps, Big Life Interview with Nathan Aswell

An interview with by Nathan Aswell on his show Small Steps, Big Life, a show about sharing people who are living big juicy lives and how they got there one step at a time. This interview is about the Worth A Thousand Words Art Show collaboration between Denise Cunningham and Caitlin Mellor.

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Ocean Deep Podcast Interview with Caitlin Mellor

Unfortunately the podcast Ocean Deep never launched, so this episode never aired. It was talking about my personal connection to the ocean and how it has helped me to heal in my life. As well as the profound way it has impacted my life and led to my work to help protect the ocean/planet.

Interviewed at the MEC Summit around thoughts of 3 new documentary releases around love, dedication, and passion for the outdoors. I have never seen this interview published.

A video was published from this Summit on diversity in advertising & inclusion of BIPOC folks in outdoor spaces. Caitlin is featured in multiple takes in the video along with fellow participants from this Summit. This is a message Caitlin is proud to have been a part of, even indirectly.