Public Speaking

Caitlin’s Stigma-Free Story – Stigma-Free Warriors Mini Clip Series for the Inspiring Stories of the Student Mental Health Toolkit from Stigma-Free Society.

“Caitlin shares her incredibly inspiring story as an autistic queer person who has lived with challenges such as PTSD, autoimmune disorders, depression, anxiety and the stigma around these issues.

By reaching out and working with mental health professionals, Caitlin was able to work through past trauma and invite healing and self-acceptance into her life.

She encourages you to continue to show up and live as who you are, because the world needs more people being their unique selves!

Follow Caitlin’s journey HERE: @livinglifewithoutlimits

Various speaking engagements, events, and education as a WildSafeBC Coordinator for the British Columbia Conservation Foundation.

Protecting Oceans, Protecting Life – Caitlin Mellor
Speaker at Windermere’s 9th Annual Climate Change Conference
Representing Surfrider Foundation Vancouver Chapter

As well as numerous other Secondary School education presentations on climate change and impacts to oceans representing Surfrider Foundation Vancouver Chapter.

View more of Caitlin’s speaking through interviews and through various social media channels such as her personal instagram and her wellness guide facebook page.