Portraiture Photography

By Caitlin Callaghan

I seek to capture people in their true essence and joy. The portraiture I’ve done has been in a wide variety of categories, including but not limited to adventure, headshots, self love, drag, celebrations, and self portraits – mainly focusing on nature being the backdrop. I have a deep love for capturing adventure and self love portraits and they remain my primary focus. My passion is capturing the candid and curated moments that show someones essence, joy, and have a story to tell. In the portraits I take, I seek to celebrate the connection and diversity of life and this human experience. I am still growing and evolving within my portraiture style.

I am very selective about the portraits I take on and the stories that I want to tell. Because of this I do not accept all inquiries that come my way. You’ll notice that some people appear in portraits numerous times. I believe the best photos of people come when the photographer knows them and cares about them. I also strongly believe that all people are beautiful and deeply value transparency, vulnerability, and authenticity. For that reason I do not alter someones body in photographs.


Self Love



For drag queens who are facing financial barriers, I offer discounted and free mini photoshoots.


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