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Photography has always been and will always been my main mode of artistic expression. While it’s not the only artwork I do, it is the the process I love most. Over the years my focus and work have grown and evolved with me as a person, and will continue to as I age. My passion is in nature/conservation photography, adventure portraiture, and travel/street photography, with wildlife photos being a happy addition. On the pages for each of these areas of focus I dive deeper on why they speak to me deeply.

I hope that my photography can create a lasting impact that helps to make the world a better place. I want my photographs to capture and celebrate the diversity on this planet and nurture connectedness to the things that matter most in this life. This is why joy and the range of emotions are such a huge focal point of my work.

My photography has always been interwoven with my writing, so much so that I often consider them to be two parts of a whole and often don’t share my photography without writing to accompany it. That along with the dissatisfaction with traditional ways of showing photography, I avoided having an online portfolio for a long time. For now, you can find my writing and photography combined through my personal instagram as well as other archived pages listed at the bottom of this page.

An upcoming focus I am being pulled toward is giving a bigger emphasis on storytelling, in particular diving into the vulnerability of the human experience and celebrating all the things that make us different. I want to bring more stories to light from marginalized communities as well as bring stronger messages forward about protecting this planet and human rights.

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Additional specific portfolio examples can be provided upon request. Some examples of my work, including earlier photographs or genres that haven’t been my focus for longer periods of time are not featured here. To inquire for more, please e-mail

While I don’t often post my photography online in traditional ways, I have been featured on BBC Earth, TimeOut Croatia, Tourism Squamish, Destination British Columbia (I asked for the post be taken down due to repeated copyright infringement by viewers), and with businesses such as Mountain Warehouse. It has also been featured in different publications including Loose Lips Magazine and Barnacle Babes.

My Photographic History

My love of photography started at 8 years old when I was gifted a small film camera from my uncle, that looked like an orange cat. I fell in love with capturing moments and the beauty of the world around me and I began to take it with me wherever I went. The people around me growing up learned I almost always had a camera on me and my mom learned to pull over the car so I could get out and take photos.

In my teenage years I experimented with different types of cameras, including various digital cameras and a retro minolta film SLR. This became a trend and at any given time I often have 5+ cameras for different purposes. Yet I never studied photography in secondary school. Instead I took pictures for the joy it brought me. At 17 I started my first business/art page called “Worth A Thousand Words Artwork” that featured my photography as well as my writing, sketches, and paintings.

At the age of 19 I got my first Canon DSLR for a study abroad in Europe for Art History. While I was in Europe my fellow classmates commented on my photos and asked me why my focus wasn’t photography. It was in that time that I realized that other people enjoyed my photos beyond just myself. It gave me the confidence to believe in my photography and that I may be talented.

When I returned to British Columbia I joined the photography program at Langara College and officially started my photography business. Originally named Caitlin Mellor Photography, it is now Caitlin Callaghan Photography (following my name change). Despite the change, you may still see Caitlin Mellor Photography on my work or in past postings.

I currently shoot with a Canon Mark III 5D, with my additional cameras being my Canon Rebel t3i and GoPro (along with various film cameras).

I will add some of my first photos (including ones I took when I was 8) here in the future.

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You can read previous combinations of my photographs and the stories behind them through my blog, travel blog, and facebook page, as well as my older photography tumblr. (all of which I no longer actively post on)