Building A Better Tomorrow

Have you ever done a whole overhaul of your life? I feel like I’ve been in this stage for awhile and 2017 was just laying the ground work. It is hard when a whole year is meant to be small steps leading to the bigger picture. But now that I have things in place I am starting to have a foundation on which to step forward. I am able to finally be able to find a place where I can implement the dreams that have been living inside my head.

There is a quote that says “rock bottom can also be a great foundation on which to build and on which to grow” and I whole heartedly believe that. Sometimes it can take us being in a space of discontent to know we need to make changes or take a deeper look at areas where you want growth. Although I welcome change and know it is a necessary part of life, I found the space I was in at the time was difficult for implementing the right changes to move forward in a more positive place.

It has been reiterated in my life these last few months just how important it is to incorporate what brings us joy into every day life. It is something I base my life on and that I tell others often but it’s something that became inherently difficult for me with the winter storms, lack of adequate transportation, and financial strain. The more my stress raised the further my health fell, creating a vicious cycle. Any time I was able to take one step forward life would hand me cards that made me go two or three steps back.

It was actually prescribed to me by a doctor to do more of what I love. She asked me what makes me feel most secure and fulfilled in who I am. I said being in nature and more importantly hiking. She told me I needed to do more of that and if possible to do that three times a week. So I started making lists of places in nature I could go that were new and exciting, I got back into my routines of practicing gratitude and reimplemented more self loving patterns, and I started taking step towards new projects I really wanted to create.

But as I was doing the personal work life was giving me some hard lessons. I attended two events that I thought were going to be empowering and transformative. I thought I would be surrounded by people with similar beliefs and values as me. And both times I was not only disappointed but shown a different face behind these massive movements that were ugly and inhumane and uncompassionate. It made me feel more disconnected and it made me extremely concerned for humanity and my country.

So while I was trying to improve my health and remove stressors, life was putting me into a place of existential crisis. While in that place I’ve come to reevaluate my involvement with NGOs and it has made me realize how much further we are than I thought from an aware and accepting world. Two months of the year so far and each of them served me two big lessons a week apart. Both came to me in a time in my life where I wasn’t adequately prepared to handle them. But within those struggles it again brought back the reminder of how important the little joys in life can be.

I stood after the second lesson on the ferry ride home and I was completely overwhelmed with a terrible feeling I couldn’t shake. I couldn’t listen to more chatter of what the day had held so I went up on that back deck to watch as the sun descended. I stood with the winter wind rushing through my hair and the sun warming my skin, the smell of ocean in the air. I thought to myself how much I had missed the ocean and the sun. Such simple things but things I clearly hadn’t gotten enough of. Right there I promised myself to do better about chasing my joys again and about listening to what I need in the moment.

These last few weeks have been about getting to better ground. About deconstructing those lessons and asking myself some big questions and working toward a place where I feel okay again. I’ve slowly but surely gotten rid of specific places of stress in my life and have set up my plans to conquer others. This last week has created some great steps forward where I am walking toward what I truly want. And I know when the new life of spring flowers rise from the soil, I too will be coming anew in life. Standing in a place where I am stronger and where I can chase my joy and dreams without the burden of depression and stress by my side.


My Polar Bear Swim 2018

My polar bear swims are always something really sacred to me. I don’t always complete it on the first of January but for me it is always the true beginning/start to my year. It started as something random that I thought I would try and has since then become a big tradition in my life. During my first polar swim I made a promise myself that as long as I was near water it would be my start to the year.

It is so much more than the rush of running into cold water as a shock into the new year (although that is a deep love of mine – shout out to my other adrenaline junkies). For me it is a physical representation of washing away all the old of the past year, letting go of it all, and moving forward fresh and renewed. It is as much a mental process as a physical one. From the moment I enter that water I vow to accept the past year for what it was and let it go and to move forward excited for what is to come.

Every year I choose a new location that is different than where I have gone before. Each location is special to me and has given me amazing memories. Every year it is a different experience and every year I am so grateful for the tradition. Some years I do it alone, other years I have some help. But regardless I always have a great time and come out of that water feeling refreshed and renewed.

Cold water and polar swims aren’t for everyone. Most people can’t stand cold water and the thought of a polar swim is “crazy”. But I’ve always been the one to chase after those experiences people call “crazy” because I know they are the ones that will be the most rewarding. I have been lucky in having a disposition for being able to withstand cold water conditions. Because of that and my love for water/the ocean I swim at any time of the year. It’s never a one time thing, you can catch me swimming at all times of the year. Just like hiking it is a way for me to reconnect with nature and myself.

I began documenting my polar swims ever since the beginning. The first year it was really just a simple photograph to show I had done it. But it evolved as I changed my direction within my photography. I started to take more self portraits which helped birth a new idea of having self portraits for every polar swim. This year I decided to experiment with video, a sister industry to the one I love so much. It is just me messing around with my camera but it is a new creative adventure for me to go on. My goal was to help others come with me on an experience that is so sacred to me. I had fun creating it and I enjoy sharing it with others. But for the coming years I think I will stick to self portraits instead.


Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

I came into 2017 having come back home from abroad and unsure of what my next steps were. I had few ideas what the year would hold and the ideas I did have never came to fruition. The year continued to surprise me in amazing and heart breaking ways. It held some big life changes and in the midst of that has challenged my own idea of where I want to be and what I want to be doing.

After 2016, a year of big travel visiting over 50 cities and crossing 31 things off my bucket list 2017 seemed mediocre. Because I wasn’t constantly getting on a plane or train or bus to new cities I gave myself the illusion that this year wasn’t an important one. But 2017 was just as life changing as 2016. It snuck up on me giving me small changes happening gradually. And suddenly when looking back on the year I am amazed in how many areas of my life have changed in a huge way and how many things I had still managed to cross off my bucket list.

It was said the 2017 was meant to be a year to set a foundation for the years ahead and that is definitely what it has done for me by challenging me and changing me. It forced me to places within myself that I didn’t know I was capable of. I remember I just kept thinking, “I don’t know what this all means yet but I know it’s important”. A lot of puzzle pieces were given to me and it took retrospect to see the bigger picture. I think there are still some things that happened this year that wont make sense to me until further in the future but I do know I have built a foundation for myself that was more necessary than I knew.

It was a year that handed me as many powerful changes as it did hardships. It didn’t just do this in my personal life but it did so in the world. A lot of terrible things happened around the globe but these things ignited something in people to stand up and say “this is not okay, we wont stand for this”. It pushed me to change my lifestyle to do better by the world and it opened my eyes to big ideas I had never known before. The cruelty and destruction unlocked courage in people to finally stand up for themselves and their beliefs and it handed me situations that also force me to say, “I wont accept this”. And as I watched in horror and in amazement at the events of this year, I was doing the same in my own life.

2017 pushed and I pushed back. It forced me to face myself and face my perceptions and understanding of the world. It was a bit of a street fight and 2017 won but I am glad it did because despite standing up bloody and bruised it gave me huge personal growth and life changes. What I gained this year was so essential to continuing to go after what I want and living a more fulfilled life. It has helped me to stand up stronger in myself and my understanding of the world.

I am glad the year is done but that doesn’t mean I am not thankful for all that it has given me. I stand today in the new year knowing more than ever that “there are far better things ahead than anything we leave behind”. So here is to looking ahead and using the lessons we learned to help us get to where we want to be this year and to get us to new and delightfully surprising places. May this year bring us all more healing and happiness.


Never Apologize For Who You Are

It took me getting away from the people and places I had grown up with to truly know who I am and to truly learn how to love myself. It was within exploring more of the globe that I came to know who I really was and came to know life with joy and passion and love that wasn’t ridiculed or judged or conditional. When I’ve had to return back to where I grew up I climb mountains and swim in oceans or lakes to find that same type of freedom from their never ending plight to conform me.

I’ve come to see we all play roles in each others lives. We each come into one another lives, whether short or long, whether doing good or bad to serve a purpose that affects our personal growth process. We are each teachers and we are each learners. You can never really control who you will be for someone else. Some people come into your life to teach you either with love or with hurt, or at times both. Other times you enter people’s lives to do the same.

I have been the teacher to many and I have been taught by many. There are times when I’ve had to play the role of “bad guy” to others (especially in my younger years) and I’ve had others play that role for me. Most of my life was learning lessons the hard way through hard love, hurt, loss and trauma. It wasn’t until recent years that I’ve been given the gifts of learning lessons through love and kindness and compassion and I learned to give my wisdom in the same way.

It was my first experience with learning a lesson through the caring of someone else that I began to understand the roles we play. At the time I said something that was beyond what I consciously knew or understood. I told a person that despite our disagreement and odd timing in each others lives that something in my soul was telling me not to lose them. I said that just like that same gut instinct that told me to move half way across the world alone, it was telling me that they were suppose to be something big in my life or I was meant to be something big to them. I told them that I didn’t understand how but I knew that either I was suppose to teach them something or they were suppose to teach me something or we would both learn from each other but no matter what it was it was important. And in the end I was right – they became one of the most influential people in my life.

Since then I’ve become better at being able to tell the role I will play in other’s lives. I can have people reach out to me and I can tell I am meant to be the teacher. There are other times I can think to myself “I am meant to learn a lot here” and I make sure to listen as much as possible. And there are times that still surprise me. But there is a kind of relationship or bond where you both benefit from one another. It is the best kind of combination you can hope for.

It’s the people with whom you mutually teach and learn together, with respect and unconditional love, that become your tribe. They are the people where you each add value to one another’s lives, where you each meet with a respect for one another, where you walk away from any conversation and experience with them feeling better within life. These are the people who you feel eternally grateful for no matter how long or short they’re in your life. They are the people you know (even if you drift apart) you will always wish them the very best in life. I’ve been blessed to have had a handful of these people and if you find people like this know that they are your tribe. Mutual respect, understanding, and unconditional love are rare. Make sure you tell these people what they mean to you and fight to keep them in your life.

That being said, sometimes these people aren’t meant to stay for a long time but are meant to make a huge impact. It will be painful to lose such a meaningful connection in your life but the loss doesn’t change how important it was and it doesn’t change the lessons you learned or the impact you made along the way. We want these connections to last a life time but sometimes your lives don’t land on the same page, not because of anything bad, but because living your best lives takes you to different places. It is important to recognize that and to let them go when you know it’s time. It is important to thinking of them with happiness but not with nostalgia.

I wanted to talk about how special those people are because more often than most there will be people that come into your life who say they love and care for you, who say they support you, but who in turn judge you, who hold things against you, and who tell you that you’re too much of something. I’ve come to realize those aren’t the right people for you and shouldn’t be given time or space in your life. A lot of the people I grew up with were these people. Constantly hiding their manipulation, judgements, and ridicule behind the statements “I care about you”, “I love you”, “I want the best for you” when really all they wanted was for me to conform to who they wanted me to be.

When I started to practice self love and rip these people’s grasps from my mind and liquidate their space from my life I learned the valuable lesson; anyone who doesn’t accept you for who you are doesn’t deserve space in your life (and certainly not your mind). Really anyone who tells you to change who you are isn’t worth your time. If you grow up with these people from a young age it’s even harder to realize that the actions behind their words aren’t caring at all. It is important to differentiate the people in your life who say they want the best for you when really they only want what is best and easiest for them. Even if these people are kind to your face it’s important to understand that if they tell you that you need to change that isn’t “caring” that is in fact the opposite.

I realized a long time ago to not allow people into my life who don’t accept me entirely for who I am. I spent years ridding myself of these people. But sometimes it is the people we are most comfortable with or the people from our past that can slip through our perceived “true friend” gate. Recently I spent two days feeling the worst I have about myself in an extremely long time. I was taken aback as to where it came from because I am proud of who I am even if I am working on myself and constantly wanting to grow and evolve. Because it was so unlike me, after a few days I realized that a person from my past manipulated me and gaslighted me into believing the worst of myself due to unhealed hurt I caused them from the past.

My growth and inner work was strong enough that I was capable of knowing something wasn’t right and realizing my thoughts weren’t my own, my thoughts were manipulated there by someone who resents me while telling me they love and care for me. I have such a strong sense of self that I knew that how I felt about myself in those moments didn’t place right. I took time for self reflection and came back knowing that I am not sorry for a second about who I am, knowing that I am a good person and shouldn’t be held to who I was in the past who was a lonely depressed traumatized girl looking for love and belonging. The experience was a good reminder for me of something I live by and something I whole heartedly tell others to live by – never apologize for who you are.

Thank goodness I have my tribe and those people reminded me that how this person viewed me was far from the truth. They made it easy for me to snap out of someone else’s manipulation and walk away from it. I encourage you to find your tribe in a world that is so ready to judge (if you haven’t already) and to look at and understand that your roles in people’s lives will be different, just as they will be to you, but your past does not define you. Who you are today, in this moment, this is who you are. And every day you get to make the choice of the type of people you keep in your life, of what you do with your days, the kind of life you want to lead, and how you want to see yourself. So everyday I hope that you choose to keep people in your life who love and accept you unconditionally, I hope you fill your days with what brings you joy, I hope you choose kindness and compassion, and I hope that you choose to love yourself. And remember at the end of the day never apologize for who you are.


Drink Up As Much Life As You Can

As nomads we are pros at the statement “if you love something let it go, if it’s meant for you it will come back to you”. We can’t ask someone to stay when we know we wouldn’t want to be asked either. It’s the truest form of unconditional caring when you allow someone to go after their dreams even if it means you’re left behind, even if it means the end of a good thing.

I learned a really important lesson in my early twenties that has been a crucial part to understanding and coping with life. It was the simple statement of “this too shall pass”. And of course that helps to get through the tough times but I didn’t learn it in that way. I learned it in the positive way of making the most out of your days and enjoying the ride because nothing will last forever. But our memories are a collection of our lifetime, so we should create the best ones we can by really making the most out of life.

I’ve come to learn that even if you know something will end eventually that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it full force and make the most out of it. If we take the opportunities life gives us and make the damn most out of them there is no room for regret.

I’m still trying to master the art of letting go. But I do know that a key factor to being able to let go is to have lived it to the fullest so much that when it ends you can feel happy about it versus destroyed. You will feel grateful for the experience and the memories, sad to say goodbye, but you will know that you still have happiness ahead of you. Of course you will feel sad over the ending of something but not so much that it will destroy you, hold you back, or stop you from living in the present.

Some of my best memories and the best people in my life came from moments I knew wouldn’t last but I made the most out of it regardless (isn’t that the essence of what travelling is?). I’ve been more graceful at letting go of some people and places, others took me a long time to learn how to move forward because of their depth of meaning to me and the way they changed my life.

I think there will always be places and people I’ll be willing to welcome with open arms for all my life because of how deeply I’ve cared for them and they’ve cared for me. They are the people and places that I view highly, that have given me the best memories, and have changed me in the most positive ways.

Life has an interesting way of working itself out. I know this well. And because of it I have faith that sometimes what seems like an ending is only temporary and even if it isn’t, as cliché as it sounds, every ending is a new beginning. But you can’t hold on to that hoping and waiting. You’ve got to move on, you’ve got to live your life, and if those amazing things come full circle it’s an amazing experience. If they don’t you’ll most likely have made new amazing experiences and will continue to regardless.

Moving forward in the present is something which, if mastered, can free you from attachment and possession. It is easy to look at the past as better than it was and because of that, when our life’s aren’t to our satisfaction, we fall down the dark well of nostalgia. Nostalgia can be a friend or it can be a foe. It is when we get lost in wishing our life isn’t what it was that we lose ourselves in that well of despair. But if we are grateful for where we are (even if it may not be where we want to be), and look at the past with gratitude for helping to grow us, we then have a positive nostalgia.

We can also get trapped in the daunting fear of what is to come. The “should’s”, the “what if’s”, the list of all possible things that could go wrong in the future, so much so that it stops us from following our dreams or things that could make us happy. And when we get trapped by those mind games with ourselves, we lose sight of what is in front of us. And ironically, what is in front of us is what will determine our future. Our moments, our memories, our days, right here and right now, what we fill them with will determine the outcome of our lives.

I invite you to live in the present moment and know that your time is the most precious thing you have. We are given moments, we aren’t given more time. How you spend your minutes is how you spend your life. So you better make the damn most of it. You better honor how precious your time is and only offer it to those who also honor your presence in their life.

I hope you use your days to go after your dreams, to follow your joy. I hope that you get the blessing to meet people, or places, or situations that make you want more time or to make time stand still because you wish you could continue making those memories forever.

I hope that your time is filled with people and things that make you laugh, that keep you smiling, and help you to feel grateful for the life that you lead. Make sure you make the most of these moments, make the most out of your days and drink up as much of life as you can.


The 5 Towns of the Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre is a must add to your bucket list. These five stunning towns are tucked in the mountainside along the Italian Riviera. Dripping with beauty they each offering their own unique views, lifestyle, and experiences. While they all still carry the amazing Italian food and dolce far niente mindset!

You can visit these cities through a quick train ride (that runs every 30 minutes) that stops at all the towns. But if you’re more of a nature lover and exercise addict like me the area also offers the unique experience to hike between the towns. Each trail offering out of this world views, varying difficulties and great photo advantages.


My visit to the Cinque Terre came at a time when I was exhausted, behind on my work, and feeling displaced. It was a new experience for me, different from the homesickness you can feel, where I was missing staying in one place for a longer period of time. Part of that was also because I was traveling with back injuries and hauling a heavy suitcase in and out of fast moving trains.

I was staying in a neighbouring city called La Spezia, in a house that gave me an amazing view of the city. I rested and recuperated there and waited until I felt energized enough to tackle the Cinque Terre and make the most of it. I fell in love with the area and it’s non stop beauty.

Because each town is unique I will tell you about them separately in the order you would arrive to them by train heading north from La Spezia. However I did not visit them in this order – I headed to Monterosso first to hike and did a bit of a shuffle between them all. But the one thing I will say, I agree with my fellow bloggers, you can’t choose just one town –  you have to see all five.


This is probably the smallest of them all and the first one you will arrive at if you’re heading in from the neighbouring city of La Spezia (which is also stunning and worth exploring). When you get off the train you will walk down a long tunnel covered in art and mosaics and find yourself surfacing onto the main street. It isn’t long before you’ve past all the small shops and just arrive at houses and turn around.

If you’re not paying attention you’ll miss the staircase at the beginning of the main street leading down to the boat launch and harbour. Once at the harbour, if you make the effort to walk up the paved trail to the left hand side, you will look back and get the stunning view (you see in the picture above) – of the town itself and of the rolling mountainsides hiding the other four towns (as you see in the picture below).


I didn’t spend much time in Riomaggiore but I have a suspicion that if you do some exploring and wandering where no one else goes you will find some hidden gems. And of course for swimming you will find less crowds. I wish I had spent more time in this city but I was feeling strained for time.

For the outdoor adventure/active people – as you walk to the harbour you will find a shop that has cheap kayak or snorkelling rentals. In summer 2016 when I was there the prices were: 7 euros for a single kayak rental for one hour, 12 euros for a double for one hour, with every additional hour being 12 euros. For snorkelling equipment all day it is 12 euros. It also looked like there were tours and boat rentals as options.



One of the most pictured and stunning of the five, you’ve most likely seen a picture of it at one point or another in your life whether you knew where it was or not. When you arrive you are in the heart of the town you have many options of where you go. The streets are lined with shops, restaurants and flowers.

manarola-5.jpgThere were the shops with swim gear, with beautiful women’s flowing dresses, and Cinque Terre gear. But I am not one of those travellers that browses shops much. I go try to soak in the culture and save my money for experiences. So I found beauty through the streets and the people laughing and enjoying wine on patios.

You can head up through the city or down. I picked down because I knew that is where the views, the water, and connection to the trail would be.

You’ll come out to a wide harbour as usual, with swimmers lining the rocks like seals drying in the sun. If you’re willing to do some exploring you can find your own less busy coves and places to cliff jump. For the iconic view of the city turn right at the harbour and follow the red and white lines (symbols of the trail). Here you will also find some much needed shade from the strong sun.

It was here in Manarola that I found peace and calm in my scrambled day of exploring. I happened to this area by happenstance and thought it was perfect for how I was feeling. I had reached a point where I was quite tired and I only had one last town to see so I took the time to wade in the warm ocean and just relax.



A lot of people bypass Corniglia simply because of the 300 stairs you climb to get to the top and the lack of that iconic city-in-the-mountainside picture. I have to admit even I was hesitant. It was my last stop and I
corniglia-9wasn’t sure I had enough energy to make it up those stairs but I knew I would regret it if I didn’t see all five.

I am so glad I made the effort to climb those stairs as Corniglia is quiet with a lot of tucked away beauty and secrets ready for you to discover. As you climb the steps you’re greeted with views of flowers and a vineyard.

You come to the top
corniglia-5surrounded by houses versus the city centre itself. I simply followed the few other people I saw and came out to little shops selling fruit and a basilica. It’s streets wind, giving you glimpses out over the sea and mountainside.

If you do some exploring you can find stunning patios along the mountainside, people relaxing on basilica steps and secret gardens. I got there for sunset, and despite things being closed it is definitely the perfect location to enjoy a bottle of wine and watch the sun set over the mountains in the distance.

Corniglia is perfect place for someone to stay who wants the Cinque Terre experience but somewhere quieter to spend their evenings. This town feels like the more genuine Italian cultural experience – less geared toward the tourists but a quaint town tucked in the mountains with residents who make the most out of the stunning area.




This is one of the most popular and busy of the five – for good reason, doesn’t that picture just make your heart jump? I think a lot of people gravitate there because of the picture opportunities but the town is much more than it’s beautiful exterior.


I hiked into Vernazza from Monterosso, catching the beautiful views of the city from the high vantage point. The trail was beautiful the whole way through but as you descended into Vernazza it offered stunning turn after another. It was worth all the work.

You’re greeted with purple flowers and the view of the sunning aqua harbour. But my first mission when I got there was to find food. With hiking in the Italian heat you burn a lot of calories.

I went to a little restaurant right on the harbour where I sat under tons of multicoloured umbrellas. I had calamari to start and spaghetti bolognese for lunch. (Although if you’ve been to Italy you’d know they don’t view spaghetti as an entree but rather a starter – which is why I learned enough to order something else or ask for a entree portion).

Despite its busy nature it still holds beautiful streets filled with unique shops, swimming spots through a hole in the mountain, and delicious restaurants. There are places to discover for more views if you’re willing to do some tower climbing or some more walking to the opposite side of the city.


Although I only enjoyed a short while in this city it really does capture your heart and your need to take non stop photos of it’s never ending colours and beauty. It is a common misbelief that cruise ships dock here. I think it comes simply from the sheer number of people in this city. They dock in La Spezia instead so people come into the towns from there. Prepare for crowds here as it is by far the busiest one.

Monterosso al Mare (Monterosso)


You get off the train and look out to a long beach lined with reclining chairs and umbrellas. I think most tourists actually turn around confused that there is not city there. And some simply go no further than the beach in front of them as for most people it’s often their last stop and they are ready for relaxation.

But if you keep walking toward what looks like an old castle tower and past that you come out to see the town itself hidden away. There are more reclining chairs and umbrellas but there is also a lot of city to see. I believe this is actually the biggest of all five of the cities but also the most deceiving.


What can seem like a sleepy city for those who simply want to lay at the beach its has many hidden treasures. it boasts areas to cliff jump and swim away from the crowds and a lot of unique beauty to explore. My Italian host at my accommodations told me that she really loved her time spent in Monterosso as a music teacher and that there was a lot more to the city than the beaches.


I didn’t spend too long there as I was determined to start my hiking with the plan to loop back there to relax for a swim after doing all the hiking. But I forgot about my need to explore and wander and how much time that can take as you find beauty in all these amazing places. Which is why I highly recommend giving yourself multiple days here. Honestly I recommend one for each town to truly take each one in.

Hiking the Cinque Terre

The trails itself are all different, for which I wont go into much detail. There are so many other great blogs online that offer great detail specifically to the trails. Instead I will share with you my experience between Monterosso and Vernazza and the views from this section.

trail-0Although I was prepared with my hiking gear and shoes I was thankful to find that the beginning of the trails from the cities are paved, they then turn to stone work paths, from there it slowly fades away into a simple earth trail.

For people that don’t hike often this is the best type of trail you can hope for as there are not many roots or big rocks that you could trip over. As the trail climbs at parts they have built stairs that lead you up.

Sometimes the trail becomes skinny and you have to wait for others to pass but everyone I met had great trail etiquette and each person went their own pace, taking breaks when needed.

They are very easy to follow and there is never any confusion as to where to go. However if you’re looking for the start in a city I recommend going toward the harbour and looking for the red and white painted lines that symbolize a trail.

I loved that the trails weaved in beside the vineyards giving you views of the grapes, and the views of the coast as the Liguarian Sea hugs the mountainsides and boats speed off to their adventures.


You pass by little creeks and tons of plant life despite the region giving a more desert look. At one point there was even a local Italian who had set up a table of hand made jewellery. Even if you just do one portion of the trail I recommend it for anyone who is physical fit. It will give you a much different perspective to your travel.

Want to know the technical side of it?

I recommend going to the Cinque Terre website to read up on prices and getting any answers to questions you may have. Currently only the trail between Monterosso and Vernazza is open (as of July 2017) but you can check their website for updated information on which trails are open.

Unfortunately with so much traffic from tourists and with the trails being on the cliff sides lots of damage happens as the earth becomes unstable. The famous Via dell’Amore (commonly known to tourists as the Lovers Walk) has been closed for at least 5 years. So unfortunately despite what you may have read a lot of the hiking isn’t available or open. Keep that in mind while planning your travels.

If you’d like to get a hiking card you can buy one at any train station (including La Spezia). This will also include your train travel between the towns.


Travel Tips:

• Allow yourself multiple days to truly explore each city. It is possible to do it in one day but believe me you don’t want to limit yourself on experiencing this beauty to one day.

• For the best views and photos of each city you will need to do a bit of uphill walking/hiking. The view you get from pictures are always further away from the town and not the view you see getting out of the train.

• I’ve heard from tourists they were disappointed when they saw the towns because the buildings weren’t actually as colourful as the pictures had lead them to believe. Remember most photographers will boost the colouring to make the picture look better. Most of the colours will be a faded pastel not bright vibrant colours.

• Also keep in mind that millions of tourists visit the Cinque Terre every year. The summer will be especially packed. If you don’t like crowds but still want nice weather I recommend going in the Spring or Fall. Or stay in Corniglia and keep in mind Vernazza and Manarola are the busiest and visit them on the off times (early in the morning). But definitely don’t miss them.


One Heart, Two Homes

Someone once said to me “I think you can fall in love with cities the same way you fall in love with people”. I didn’t know it then but that statement would have a profound influence on my life. In my travels, and the countries I’ve lived in, I have learned that cities hold their own personalities just like people. One city can hurt you and another can heal you, one will be a place where you’ll thrive and another will be one with struggle.

Each city you reside in will bring out different parts of your personality. They have ways of forcing different parts of yourself to the surface. Of showing you different traits and skills are more important there than you may be use to. You are never the same person in each place you call home. Different cultures, languages, and lifestyles help to shape and mold your daily life. I am a different version of myself in each city/country and because of that I care for them differently.

Over the years I have come to know well the blessing and curse of having multiple places that you consider home. It is truly amazing to have multiple places in the world you can go to and feel at home. But your heart will never be whole again. No matter where you are there will always be another place you miss. That is the compromise you make in your heart when you love more than one place at the same time.

You see, I have one heart but two homes. I grew up in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Canada and it will always be where I come from. It will always be “the true north strong and free”. I feel I have its beauty to thank for leading me to pick up a camera and start shooting. But I left that home and moved to London, United Kingdom. There is where I made a home and built friends into family. Where I fell in love with its streets and the European life. These two places hold two very different lifestyles for me and I love both.


In British Columbia the outdoor adventurer in me becomes prevalent. You’ll catch me in work out clothes, doing yoga, climbing mountains, swimming in the oceans or chasing waterfalls. But B.C. is mainly an unrequited love. No matter how much I love the natural beauty it has never treated me right. It is not where I am happiest, it is not where I am most appreciated, it is not where I feel like I am living my best life.

In London you’ll find me in formal business clothes, sitting in rooftop bars and beautiful places, enjoying the city life. It is where I chose to live for myself and where I built a home. It is a city I fell head over heels in love with and where I always feel complete. In London I am always grateful and happy. I have been the healthiest I’ve ever been. And I had friends who became family that love and support me unconditionally.

When I am in London I do miss the beauty of always seeing mountains and having the ocean or a lake just a short drive away. But when I am in B.C. there is a part of me that is missing. When I am in British Columbia I know which one has my heart more because there are times I can sob from how much I miss London and the United Kingdom. And when my plane lands in London I get this overwhelming sense of calm, happiness, and peace. I know I am where I need to be.


I love both for different reasons and they each have a different place in my heart. They are both great loves of my life but different loves. I have no doubt that throughout my life I will come back to British Columbia to visit and spend months exploring its beauty. But it’s not where I will build my future. Instead London is a city I can see myself in for a long time. I don’t know that I will grow old there but it will be a significant chunk of my life.

You see there are some places that are special and unlike any other on the planet in the way they make you feel about yourself and your life. You feel like your life is a gift, you are always grateful and even on the days when your life may be up in flames you still feel lucky that you live in such an amazing place. London is that place for me and I’ve come to know how extremely unique that is to find. And my piece of advice is: if you find that place for yourself don’t let it go for anything.

Cities have a way of unlocking different parts to yourself that you didn’t know existed. London for me is a place where I thrive, where I am sure of myself, and where I am irrevocably happy. I became the woman I knew I always had in me but was beaten down and wired for struggle in Canada. Sometimes the home we were raised in isn’t the place we are meant to stay in. I encourage people to make homes in different cities and countries. You’ll discover new places but more importantly you’ll discover yourself.

Having a nomad and wanderlust filled heart I will always be moving and exploring and making different countries home. And in my travels I will miss my homes. But I know I have to explore and experience the world. I need to keep learning and discovering parts of myself. And in the end of the day I know that London will always be the one. The one I come back to, the one I am my truest self in, the one that I will love most.


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Getting To Where We Need To Be

Pyramid Mountain 2015

It’s funny how long it can take us to round back to influential places in our past. There are times it’s taken me substantially longer to get back to somewhere I adore then I imagined but I still get back eventually.

Actually if I look at it, that almost always seems to be the case. Life has a way of forcing me to slow down. As if stopping me in my tracks and saying “I know you’ve got all these big plans and big dreams and you think you need to do them now, but you have all the time in the world”. I’m still learning to listen.

One thing I know for sure is that life never goes as planned. You will never follow that guideline or timeline you try to write for yourself. That use to terrify me, it use to hinder my life and hold me back. But now I know that the best things in life are often unexpected. Constant traveling taught me that, moving continents alone taught me that, being a nomad taught me that.

While chasing my dreams I’ve encountered things I never expected. I went places or met people or had experiences that were more than I could have imagined. For example the happiest day of my life was spent in a city I hadn’t even planned to travel to with complete strangers on a spur of the moment trip recommended by another stranger. One of those strangers became a friend who I ended up staying with in my travels a month later.

Some of these unexpected things can catch you off guard. I’ve had things derail me, knock me off my feet, get me to change direction. And at the time I admit I wasn’t always happy or thankful to have those changes in direction. But most of the delays I’ve had put me in the right place in the right time. And the memories I have made because of that are ones I wouldn’t change.

Honestly I didn’t think my life would be where it is today but I’m so happy I got here. In no way am I disappointed in where my life came out, in fact I am overjoyed at how different it is from where I thought it would be. I look at all the places I’ve been and the people I’ve met along the way and I am so thankful that I have the courage to go after what I want and to roll with the punches even if some of them knock me down for awhile.

I am the type of person that no matter how long it takes me, how unplanned it is, I always achieve what I say I will. You see there are some people who are all talk and no action. I am not one of those people, I am the opposite talking about my dreams and then turn it into fruition. Sometimes it just takes me longer to meet myself, to battle myself, and to find out exactly when is best to go after the adventures I want to chase. But no matter how long it takes me I keep achieving my dreams.

I’ve learned to succumb to the knowledge that life has its own plans. Yes you must go after your passions and joy – you’ve got to steer your life in the direction you want. But you can’t get caught up in the timeline or the expectation of what you thought it should look like. I use to worry myself into a dark hole about where I “should” be. Until I learned to just let myself be, to embrace my joys and passions in the moment and see where they take me.

You see we all want to be somewhere, we all want our life to be in a certain place. But often we get so caught up in what we don’t have we forget to embrace what we do have and be grateful for it. We loose ourselves and our current lives by always wishing we were some place else instead of accepting where we are and making the most of it. Some people end up looking back having wasted weeks, months, years on feeling bad about where their life is at. Only to figure out that it was never in their complete control anyway.

Life isn’t about getting to where you want to be, it isn’t about getting so caught up in our future we forget to live our present. Or getting so nostalgic for our past because we aren’t happy with our present. It’s easy to forget that life has it’s plans regardless of what ours are. And life has a funny and ironic and sometimes cruel way of getting us to where we need to be even if it’s not necessarily where we want to be.

There are times life took me somewhere I needed to be and it took retrospect to see that the lessons I learned helped me to be who I am today. And they also helped me to get to those unexpected adventures and places that are more than I ever imagined. Life has a way of surprising us but if we follow what brings us happiness those surprises lead us down roads to places that are beyond our wildest dreams.