Creative expression through art is one of the ways I feel most aligned with myself. I am always learning new mediums but I primarily work through photography and watercolour painting.

Other mediums I’ve worked within is alcohol ink and acrylic painting, mixed medium creations, pencil sketching, pointillism, and jewellery. I specifically create crystal bead bracelets that can be found in my online shop. I also consider my writing an art which I use often. I find that my photography and writing are most powerful when paired together.

I’ve also experimented with various other methods of art such as glass blowing, crochet, and digital drawing. I hope in the future to add pottery, tattooing, and sound mixing.

My art is often inspired by and created within nature. I strive to find ways may art is less impactful on the world around me, which is why I’ve primarily moved away from acrylic paint to focus more primarily on watercolour.

If you would like to purchase licensing to use one of my photographs, please email All photography is copyrighted and it is against copyright law to use my photography without consent.