I’m a wild woman, an adventurer, an explorer. I’m a traveller, a free spirit, a nomad. A thrill seeking, outdoor athlete, risk taker. I am an advocate, an activist, and a kind soul. I am a hedonist who has no interest in any of life’s big three m’s: mediocracy, monotony or the mundane. I am fierce and passionate about all that I do. I go against the grain of social norms and live my life the way I feel happiest by following what brings me joy.

I know, not the bio you were expecting right? You were wanting the business breakdown, my age, where I am from.. but I am so much more than a business platform, a number, and a location. I am a unapologetic wild woman who is always chasing her dreams and making them a reality. I am dedicated to making the world a better place and helping others to live their lives to the fullest. I am not easily summarized in a one liner because what I do is so much more than just one thing.

I hope in sharing my adventures, stories and alternative way of life that I can inspire others to get out there and live their dreams. I hope to be an example to people that living authentic and unapologetically to who you are as well as chasing your joy is what will bring you the most freedom and happiness. Living a life where you’re grateful and joyful, day in and day out, is not just a dream but something that is very achievable.

I’m a big believer and advocate for dreaming big but most importantly making those dreams a reality. I live life without limits so I have the freedom to continually chase my wildest dreams. It is because of hard work, dedication, continued healing, and a lot of self love that I got myself to where I wanted to be – travelling the world and doing the work that I love most.

My careers are my passions; what I do for work is not all of who I am but it helps make me who I am. I am an international entrepreneur and freelance/contract worker. I am photographer who has been in the industry for 20 years. I specialize within travel, conservation, and adventure portraiture. I am a non-fiction writer who specializes in narratives, memoirs, publication contributions, guest blogging, and poetry. I am a wellness coach as well as a yoga teacher. I am a conservationist in various areas. I am also a motivational public speaker as well as an educator around self-love, climate change, eco-friendly living, and environmentalism.

Community over competition is hugely important to me so I give back as much as I can through things such as volunteering, collaborating, and work exchange. While I dabble in many different sectors my main points of interest are in environmental protection, wellness/yoga, womxn’s and indigenous rights, and working with people with disabilities.

My goal is to broaden people’s perspectives, make others feel understood, inspire people to reach their highest potential, help the world become a better place, and help others to see the beauty in themselves and this planet. I do this within my work as a professional, a volunteer, and by simply living life in tune with who I truly am – showing myself vulnerably to the world.

I work both online as well as in person in whatever country I happen to be living in at the time. I am always ready for the next adventure making sure that my whole life fits into two suitcases (granted they come with over weight charges). I allow nothing to hold me down or hold me back from chasing after amazing things. I am always seeking new adventures but no matter what you’ll find me in the mountains, the ocean, fields of flowers or around the globe chasing my joy.