Welcome, whether you’re here for my writing, my speaking, or you’ve found yourself here somehow, you’re here for a reason. I hope this is a safe space for you; to discover, to laugh, to cry, to feel understood. My story is only one, and there are so many important stories out there, but I hope that it helps you to feel comforted to continue to show up in your truth and share your light with this world.

Living Life Without Limits is a mindset. While we always come up against limits in this life, it’s about living a life you’re in love with, being your true, authentic self. It is the mindset of the wild, adventurous, wanderlust filled travellers out there living unapologetic to who they are. They don’t fit into the little box society tells them to fit into and they’re likely living an alternative lifestyle to what you’re “suppose to do”. It is about living life whole heartedly and following your dreams, passions, and joy. Seeking out adventures and follow your curiosity where it leads.

I, Caitlin Mellor, originally created this website to share my writing and real life experiences as I strived to Live Life Without Limits to help inspire others to go after what brings them joy and to not apologize for doing what is right, healthy, and best for them. While that still exists here, this website serves as place to get to know me and my contributions through writing, public speaking, and interviews. Focusing on living in your truth and vulnerability, talking about adversity, and healing.

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